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Thanks for taking the time to inquire about the best-selling massage and romantic products from Pepper's Enterprises, Inc. An outstanding product database and constantly developing library of business tools is at your fingertips. You've found the exact product-delivery resources you need.

Over the past 28 years my team and I have delivered our products to literally thousands of women and men while developing a great business. We’ve listened to our customers and distributors, established strong relationships with the top vendor and importers in our business, and have developed numerous tools to develop marketing campaigns. And best of all, we’re applying what we’ve learned!

If you are just starting we have a guided step-by-step to get you ready.  Keep in mind, that while you are learning the ropes of on-line and social media advertising, some of the very best methods of promoting your parties or mobile inventory is through proven traditional marketing tactics.  For example, word of mouth!

We will provide you a web portal for you to use to so that you can immediately begin making money.

    • Superb-quality product photos.
    • Over 3000 items available.
    • Theme-integrated affiliate network available.
    • Drop Shipper Kit is easily Integrated with total e-commerce payment solutions.
    • Resources like mini-courses and fully-functional spreadsheets to teach and automate small and home-business advertising tasks.
    • Learn by Doing - Earn while Learning - The perfect definition of LEARN!

Our best offer is that of our distributors’ experience. Pepper's Enterprises is fortunate to have some of the most dedicated, skilled, capable, and nice people you could find anywhere participating in our organization. We pledge to provide you with quality service, information and products to assist you in your new business.

Kathi Sherman


  • The material at this site is intended for persons over 18 years old who are either wanting to start a business or expand their current business.
  • The materials requested are romantic and massage accessories that many people include in their adult play and relationship enhancement. This material is not for minors in any way form or fashion.
  • All material at this site is copyrighted with associated logos, trademarks, and business identities recognized and honored.

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