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We are in the process of uploading all or our items and linking our support network.  Just like when you come to our store, we want you to have the best and most educational presentation.


Relationships Through
The Ages

Kathi Pepper

We want to help couples to continue to keep intimacy in the forefront of their relationships as we go through the different stages of our lives. While this will be a long-term project with blogs, workshops and eventually a book we would like to invite you join me.


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Need to order online and run by the store to get it?  We don't have everything listed here, but we have our most popular "quickies".  All you have to do is make the order.  We'll text you when its ready.



Dr. Jan


Sexy Secrets Radio

MP3's that are sure to .....



Bridal Showers With a Twist

For those super fun bachelorette parties


My Silver Bullet

All you need to know and then some!


The Love Me Knots

Safe, Sane, Consensual


The Purring Kitty

Massage to make your purr!