Anatomy of A Show – Getting it Scheduled

Schedule the party with the hostess.

Get the hostess’ address and phone number. Set a time – make sure this is also a good date and time for her guests. Parties are usually scheduled at other parties so you’ll want to make sure the hostess thinks about the factors that will result in the best date for your show . You’ll also receive referrals by giving out lots of business cards and brochures. Pepper’s will give you referrals for parties as we receive calls and overloads.

Keep in mind that your hostess may have never had a party before. The success of many parties depends on how well you help your hostess prepare. Doing those little things to help a hostess prepare usually results in smiles and dollars in the pocket!

Keep a calendar or a “to do” list

  1. Call hostess a couple days after she’s scheduled the party to confirm the date
  2. Send or deliver a hostess pack containing a hostess letter, a few business cards, order forms (for her to take outside orders) and about 20 invitations. You can also give her a balloon to put on her mailbox so you and guests can find her house easier.
  3. Call hostess to make sure she received her packet). This is a good time to answer any questions she might have, explain about a separate order room, explain hostess benefits, get directions, and find out approximately how many guests she’s expecting. (see Hostess Checklist Form)
  4. Call the day of the party (just to make sure) and answer any last minute questions.Note: Number of calls depends upon how far in advance party is scheduled. The idea is to keep her interested. Don’t let her forget for when the party is scheduled.

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