Jade’s Hostess Welcome

Hi! I'm Jade and I'm excited about doing the show for you and your friends. Please note that the date is not confirmed until we actually talk!

To make your party a success and a memorable experience for your guests, there is some information and a few important guidelines. I’ve found that advanced preparation makes all the difference in the world! I'm sure that you will want your party to flow smoothly so that everyone has a great time.

Over 18 Only!
It is absolutely essential for all guests to be over 18 and female. Unfortunately, your Pepper's Distributor CANNOT have a "Pepper's Party" if there are ANY men, children (including infants) or teenagers around. This is a law, not just a Pepper's policy. Because it's not always easy to determine someone's age by appearance, some women may be asked for I.D. If any of your guests look young (under 30), have them bring a valid pictured ID with them. If your guests have children, remind them that they will need to get a babysitter. If your friends invite other friends to come with them, also remind them not to bring anyone less than 18 years old. No one under 18 and no one without valid ID will be allowed to stay.

What about friends who cannot attend, but want to buy products?
You will receive 10% of the subtotal of paid orders to apply to your order in addition to a hostess gift. This is my way of thanking you for gathering your friends together for a Pepper's Party, so the more people who attend and purchase, the bigger your discount will be! In order for you to reap all possible hostess benefits, your party needs to exceed $300.

If you have a friend who cannot attend the show they can go to either of the Pepper's Parties, Too locations and purchase. Upon purchase, ask them to email you or me a copy of their receipt. For those that cannot make it the store, they can shop online with your special affiliate link.

A third means of getting more credit for your party is for you to collect their order and money prior to the party. I will leave you with their products enclosed in a brown bag for their privacy.

If you realize that you will not be able to keep the party that you have scheduled, please let me know as soon as possible. I would prefer at least 2 weeks notice (3 weeks for weekends) to cancel. This time frame will allow me to schedule another show in your place. In the extreme case that I am unable to present your party, all efforts will be exhausted to provide another distributor in my place.

What is the party format?
I have a table for my presentation so you don't have to worry about providing one. Please try to arrange furniture in a half circle so that everyone will be able to see as we pass products around the room. I will arrive at your house approximately 30 minutes before your party is scheduled to begin setting up for your show. Please make sure that all men and children have left the premises by that time. I will call you a day or two before your party to get directions or you may want to call me during that time frame. We respect the privacy and confidentially of all guests, therefore purchasing will be done in a private setting. If possible I’ll need a separate room for this. Most people use the master bedroom, since it's usually the largest. I'll need to put about 20 medium-large boxes/suitcases in that room. And yes, I'll have the products at the party, so your guests can take their purchases home with them the night of the show!!

What payment methods are accepted?
Pepper's accepts all major cards and cash but no checks.

Can I (or other party guests) sell other products at the show?
No. Only Pepper's Parties products will be sold that night. If you or your guests were considering combining a Pepper’s Party with make-up products, jewelry products or other type of sales, please discourage others from bringing any of their material or products. Since I would never try to solicit my Pepper's Products at another type of party, I do ask the same courtesy.

A couple of hints for a great party.
Call, text and /or email your guests a few days before the party and remind them of a few things:
1. Time and location of party. Placing balloons outside your home will help everyone (including me) find the location. This is a great time to ask them to bring a friend. Private Facebook events are also a good way to keep everyone excited about the show, but don’t make this your only means of inviting guests!

2. You may want to encourage your guests to arrive about 30 minutes early for socialization. Since my presentation usually last about 2.5 hours, it will be important to start near the scheduled starting time. Make sure they know how long the show will last so they can make arrangements for men and children.

3. Encourage them to have their own party, as you will receive credits for parties booked from yours.

Party supplies sold here!!
Pepper’s Parties is your one stop shop for party supplies for your bachelorette party/bridal shower, birthday party, and other supplies for “girls’ night out!” We’ve got pecker straws, martini glasses, cups, plates, assorted decorations, napkins, tablecloths, peter serving trays, cake pans, and all kind of fun stuff for all your adult parties. Best of all, we have blinking penis veils and tiaras! So if you’re having one of our Pepper’s Parties, there’s no need to go anywhere else for your decorations. Don’t forget to save those receipts so we can include this in your hostess discounts.

If you’d like to make an appointment to visit the Ellisville location, call me at 601-477-2005 to schedule.

I’m really looking forward to your party. We have lots of NEW exciting items so it’ll be a great GIRLS NIGHT IN! Please call me at 601-477- 2005 if you have any questions or need to let me know anything before your party.

See you there!
Kathi Pepper

P.S. To encourage hostesses to collect outside orders, I’m offering an additional hostess FREEBIE for collecting over $150 (subtotal). In addition to getting your normal 10% discount, I’ll give you something extra at your party for all pre-party outside orders that total over

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