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Pepper’s Parties In-Home Parties for Women

Pepper’s Parties specializes in bachelorette parties, honeymoon gifts, and “girls night in” parties.

Are you ready for an exciting show?? Well, before the good times roll, we need to talk a bit about the things that make a Pepper’s Party a fun and memorable experience.

You’ve inviting group of favorite friends to get together for an “Educationally Entertaining™” evening, so let’s make sure everyone has an enjoyable time. There’s some specific information that each hostess needs to know.

I will call you once I’ve received your request. Please note that until I confirm a date with you that the requested date is tentative. We now use a “Digital Hostess Packet” that includes your customized party invitations, a referral link to our shopping cart so you can get hostess credits, and all sorts of material to help you make your show fun, exciting, and successful!


The best way to book a Pepper's Party is to call us or reach out on Facebook.  When you call, we'll immediately email/text you some hostess information, find a date, and start getting ready for a great night!

Here's Our Phone Number:  601-477-2005.

Find us on FB:  Kathi Pepper

You can also use the form below to get your basic hostess information sent to you quickly.   We'll follow-up via email or phone to select and confirm dates!


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