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Hostess Lounge -- Party Guidelines

Any time you have a party, "the more the merrier!" More people equals more fun, many different perspectives, and more free things for you and your guests. When inviting guests to your "Pepper's Private Show", keep in mind that they must beat least 18 and female. Unfortunately, your Pepper's Partner CANNOT have a "Pepper's Private Show" if there are ANY men, children (including infants) or teenagers around.

Because it's not always easy to determine someone's age by appearance, some women may be asked for I.D. If any of your guests look younger than 18, you may want to remind them to bring their identification with them.

The first thing we need to mention is that because this is a private party, I keep all purchases and transactions absolutely confidential. This is my promise to you and your guests. By letting guests know this ahead of time, it lets them know that we respect their privacy and also answers the most common question, "Is everyone going to know what I'm getting?" All purchases are made one-on-one in a private area away from other guests. A bedroom usually makes for a nice private area. And yes, I'll have the products at the party, so your guests can take their purchases home with them the night of the show!!

Here are some of the suggestions we have received from other Pepper's customer's that help make their parties go smoothly: 1. Call all of the guests a day or two before the party to remind them.

2. Work the following things into the conversation:

   a. Time and location of party.

    b. If your guests have never been to a Pepper's Party, they may be unaware that we have the products at the show for them to purchase after the demonstration. Telling each guest this in advance will allow them to be prepared to make purchases.

    c. Urge them to be prompt by reminding them that there are lots of exciting products to view.

   d. This is a great time to ask them to bring a friend!!

   e. Also encourage them to have their own party, as you will receive credits for parties booked from yours.

    f. When the guest is married or has children, simply mention how good its going to be to have some time away from the men and/or kids. Remind them to have a baby sitter because our shows make for a fun "girls night out."

    g. Let them know that the demonstration usually takes about 3-4 hours.

3. I will call you prior to the party to schedule an arrival time and get directions.

4. The presentation area should be arranged in a half circle so and that the chairs/couches are positioned so that everyone will be able to see.

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